Through the ages, mortals thought their need for the most excellent of eyewear designs to be fulfilled. For what more could be done with an object that barely covers half of one’s face? But not even the keenest of seers has true clairvoyance to peer into the future. Now, forged atop the highest peak in Italy’s Cadore mountains by the world’s finest artisans comes forth an eyewear brand humanity has never seen.

For those who rock, for those who are metal, or for those who don’t rock but thought about it that time their friend took them to a Metallica concert, comes a new collection. For it has been too long where the sight of spectacles inspires not even a single head bang. We proudly inform you that these dark ages have now met their end.

With décor inspired by the gothic artistry and attitude of pure, unadulterated rock it is with great pleasure that we introduce to you the eyewear of SCREAM.