In 1938, a man by the name of Ben Shyer started a company in the optical industry. As the only employee, his small apartment in Brooklyn, NY doubled as an office and warehouse with his inventory hidden beneath the bed. Some forty years later, this man’s growing company began the distribution of a bold German brand named Cazal that went on to become one of the most iconic brands in the eyewear world.

Today, Mr. Shyer’s company has expanded to the distribution of several uniquely salable collections that include the officially licensed Jaguar Eyewear, the elegance of Diva, the highly styled yet affordable Exces, the uber cool Coco and Breezy, and last but not least the world famous Disney Eyewear collection.

Currently in our third generation, helmed by Paul Shyer and his son Jason, we honor our values of customer loyalty, impeccable service, and a constant focus on creativity, quality, and the nuance that makes something go from good to great.