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“Don’t Be Invisible” is the philosophy of Exces Eyewear. It sums up the spirit of this youthful, funky, colorful collection. When purchasing a pair of eyeglasses one should be proud of their new face. After putting on a pair of Exces frames you will want to be entirely…visible. 

Exces consists of a huge selection of feminine designs that define themselves through a variety of rich, intriguing color combinations as well as innovative, geometrical shapes. In addition, the collection features an array of sizes ranging from 47-53 eyes; making the collection accessible for both adults and “tweens” alike. 

Exces Princess

Exces Princess is a growing concept within the Exces brand. Princess frames are more ornate than other Exces models. They feature an array of crystals and rhinestones in addition to elaborate metal detailing. Comprised of a mix of monel and acetate styles, Exces Princess presents a fine way for women to add a bit of pizzazz to their eyewear.


Exces Montage

A new concept from Exces Eyewear, the initial release of Exces Montage consists of five styles. Montage is defined by its thin stainless steel design and its clever use of an epoxy coating. The result of this coating is rich finish that has a slight crown at its apex and thus sports a slight color fade due to the natural flow of the epoxy. Several models feature laser cutting and raised points on the metal underneath the epoxy to give the frame a more multi-dimensional effect.  The collection sports a variety of modern shapes with a nod to a classic, retro feel and is targeted to women of all ages.